Gateway Solo 1150CL

This was my very first emulation pc the Gateway Solo 1150cl. What a work horse even till this day. Absolutely awesome for back in 2001. Dedicated video memory 4mb with on-board 64mb ram. max capped at 192mb.

Shout out to LGR Oddware- IOMEGA Clik 40mb pcmcia card. Love mine while on ship keeping small files safe and secure from others with a rare disk drive. I’ll record some audio of it running definitely music to my ears. If you noticed the blinking tac in the top left corner thats the pcmcia card activating during win98 start up.@1:35

Fantastic getting Master’s of Magic by Microprose working and to see Ninja Gaiden II playing so smoothly on such vintage equipment really rocks. However I was having issues with getting sound. I’ll continue to make more progress.

A link to the install of windows 98se. on a new msata ssd adaptor and SDD:

Aneew mSATA SSD to 44 Pin IDE Adapter with Case:

Zheino mSATA SSD 128GB M3 Internal ssd drive:

This link for the EMM page review used making emm386.exe possible on this old machine:

Thank you all for watching!

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